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Sinead’s Back!

Scinhead O'Connor at Malta Festival 2007, Pola...

As if the good woman ever left us. Unfortunately, Sinead O’Connor‘s been in the news over the last few years for some not so musical reasons. At times, you even wondered and feared for her sanity and well-being. She’s always put her emotions and opinions on the table in an unsettling yet brave way.

But above all that, there’s always been her VOICE. I’ve been a fan of Sinead’s since what feels like the dawn of time. She is definitely amongst my all time greats. And her latest record is proof her voice is just as great and powerful as it ever was. How About I Be Me (and You Be You)? has already received great reviews. The lead single “The Wolf is Getting Married” sounds like it could have come from one of her earliest records. I’m so pleased she’s back with a vengeance – in a way I always hoped for Whitney Houston.

I was going to post the official video for “Wolf”, but her performance on The Graham Norton Show was absolutely brilliant, so here it is.