Bugbears #1


Like many of you, there are many things which cause my neck muscles to spasm and my right eye to develop a rapid tick (ok, maybe you just get gooseflesh). A good deal of these irksome things are words and phrases which for some known or unknown reason, drive me bananas (and not in a good way). I thought it would be a good idea to share some with you every once in a while. Because, hey, we all need to offload our own irritations onto someone else.

I’d be happy to hear your bugbears if you’re so inclined.

In the meantime, here are a few of mine:

1. Teachable moment:  Is Oprah responsible for this overused phrase?

2. Speak to: as in “that book really spoke to my childhood experiences.”

3. On trend: What’s wrong with “trendy”?

4.  ‘pant’ used in the singular:  mainly by fashion commentators who probably know better than I do, but it still sounds annoying to my ears.

5. Different to, as opposed to different from: I mean, can you really differ to something?

6. The use of “I” as a direct object:  e.g. “If you have any questions, please contact Haints or I.” Please, people, do not contact I. I cannot help you, but me is always ready to assist.

6. The word bugbear?


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  1. “It is what it is” – Hackneyed and overused.

    “I know, right?!” (Pronounced very fast, like “Inorite?!”) – Usually said by some squeaky-voiced girls, and comes off as rude.

    Person 1: “I love your shoes. They’re cute.”
    Person 2: “I know, right?!” (A “thank you” is the more appropriate response.)

    Adding “kind of” and “sort of” between every other word.

    “We need to sort of go to the grocery store and kind of buy a few things.” ACK!

    “Actually” is another one that’s similar to the “kind of/sort of” nonsense, but I’m guilty of that one. I want to disabuse myself of it, stat!

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