On Repeat and Shuffle


Feist’s new record Metals came out earlier this month and I’ve been listening to it non-stop since.  I just saw her live at the London Palladium, and once again, she absolutely MESMERIZED.  This was the third time I’ve seen her, with each performance so different and sonically richer from the one before.  Feist is also one of the few artists whose vocals are stronger live than on record.  Though I read in a few articles that she nearly lost her voice, so maybe she purposely saves it for live performances. And her guitar playing is far more accomplished than she is probably given credit for.  But I won’t get all pedantic and bore you with a review of her record or performance, other than to say, just trust me.  Feist is a fantastically nuanced, deceptively soothing, always interesting artist.  Forget “1234”, good song that is, and get familiar with the rest of her stuff.  Infinitesimally brilliant, she is.

Singer-songwriter Leslie Feist performing at T...

Leslie Feist


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